Tuesday, August 07, 2007

it's like this

They're living on top of my toilet tank now. I made 'em last year.

"Look at the size of that!"

Feel free to send me gross-out hate mail now.

Remember the guy with the interesting profile?


He's just uploaded some wicked music.

This is the premier print in my new place. Damn, it feels good!!

Today I planted a little garden in front of my front door. I bought some lettuce and also a winter greens mix last night (did I mention that?). I think that full sun is too much to put them through right now; the plan was to tuck them in around the brassica. But, no. The soil there is way too crumbly and chunky for these delicates. Who will grow into hardy adults (if all goes well). Hope there's enough sun where I've planted them, though. It looks real nice and I keep going outside to gaze at it. I mean, I went gathering rocks and made a little path and stuff, it's not monumental as monumental things go, but the entry way feels much better this way now.

I even unearthed some very pretty polished stones, and a very intact tibetan prayer bead (?) bracelet, with what are probably hand carved wooden beads. I really like it. I'd never buy one for myself......I'd feel like I was putting on airs, you know? But, this came into my life while I was digging around in the dirt. A good way to find an adornment, yes? Reminds me of some people I met at Harbin Hot Springs several summers ago, then went to visit them in Alaska. They grew a garden and he is an archaelogist - so they would plant little 'finds' in the garden. When I helped them weed I found some little trinkey, probably a coin from zimbabwe. I think I added something to the mix, too. Isn't that cool? I regret losing touch with them.

Methinks bedtime now.


Anne said...

Oh, size queen, eh? How about "Look at the SHAPE of that!" .... Can you say "coiler?" Ew, think I just grossed myself out....

V.K. said...

Welcome back, you nut! How was Cali??

Oh dear god. You crack me up.

Jacque's term: bowl twister.