Friday, January 12, 2007

skin orgasms

The night before the day the cast was removed (with a huge noisy sawing BLADE that totally FREAKED ME OUT), I allowed myself a good scratch, with a nice smooth varnished chopstick. When the nurse first outfitted me with the cast, she told me horror stories of people becoming infected and not even knowing it because they scratched and bled underneath inside. So I waited. And gritted my teeth. And felt very thankful that this wasn't summer and 80 degrees outside. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the scratching.

I don't know if anything has ever felt so good as that.

(oh! the artistic license! I crack me up, how I draw myself like a beanpole)

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Etayne said...

Oh.. but I now exactly what you are talking about! I have a rather persistent patch of exzema on my knee, that I try not to scratch, but every once a while... OMG! when I do.. it's just like you say: a skin orgasm!
I bet it feels great to have that ol' cast off!