Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I was driving (yes! driving!) to the movie theater this afternoon and thought again about how strange the english language is, and how difficult it must be to learn it as a non-native speaker. I often wonder how I'd try to explain things to someone. Or, even to a kid. I drove the route which is less travelled and thought about 'less' and 'fewer' and how traffic is a 'lump of something' so the adjective to use is 'less'. You can't count it. That's how I'd 'splain it to a kid or to someone trying to learn english. Pretty easy, in the way of things, really.

Well, that's what was going on, thinking of this comic. The Martian bit came later on tonight when I actually sat down to draw it.

Oh, what movie did I see? Aronofsky's The Fountain. Excellent. Every bit as scrumptious (though not as disturbing) as his other films. I love the dollar show.


Anne said...

Fewer apples, less applesauce.

I heard The Fountain was kind of a disapppointment, but haven't seen it.
I'm trying to get my hands on The Departed. Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? Now that the Oscar noms are out....

V.K. said...

I haven't seen either of those last two. I'm sure I'll catch 'em on DVD when the library gets them though.

Still mulling over The Fountain and my responses to it.

Anne said...

I did get The Departed, but am having trouble converting it into DVD format (so's I can watch it on my high-def widescreen and not sit in front of my computer) from its present double-density (I think) .avi format.

Love this word verification: "eamwgie"

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