Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This is what I've been up to tonight. Six panels, 2"X2" each, for The Small Mail Art Project. Also, see the sidebar over there for the Feed, Manekineko updates regularly with new mail art calls. That's her site - and it is AWESOME. She's a whiz at web design.

It's called a polyorama, and I got the idea most recently from Drawn!, an illustration blog I visit pretty much daily. You can see some at a place called Endless Landscapes or Probiscus, I can't quite tell and I haven't browsed their site yet. I stopped off at John Ralston's Flickr page first. WOW!

This here I'm calling Brownstone. It's meant so you can mix 'em up any old way and produce a near-endless combination of panoramas. Oh yeah. This opens up new vistas. Can't wait to try out more! Collage is beckoning....

The Sculpey creature I made isn't quite finished yet; I'll post that tomorrow hopefully. All around a very fun evening!

I drove my car today!! Will wonders never cease? It's a stick shift and I'm still encased in a cast. My arm and wrist doesn't hurt so much although...still pretty tender. I can apply pressure/use it enough to brace the steering wheel intermittently. Cooooool.

Ok one more thing to post, then to bed.

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Anne said...

Have you ever thought of submitting some of your work to the Art-O-Matic project? I think your stuff would be very popular, and way more interesting than many of the samples I saw on the site.