Monday, January 29, 2007

draggin' a bit

Yurp. That D&C I went under for last year didn't clear anything up; in fact, it's worse than ever. Gotta find me a new doctor.

Yesterday was a blast though. So many pictures to draw about it! If it didn't take me so damn long to do it, I'd have illustrated it all for us today. Suffice to say:

much mushroom gravy was consumed, courtesy Chef Jacque who topped herself on the previous batch; Marsha's new Prius is phenomenal and even Springfield looks better from the seat of this car (we waved like dorks at the Prius people we pulled up in back of at the stop light, too...but hey! I like dorks, and I like being one! it was phenomenal!); Tanner the salesman was not oily or unctious; in fact, he was phenomenal too, just ask him!; Marsha treated us and we ate a lot of celebratory ice cream; we dunked in the hot tub; we went to a movie and consumed mass candy with Marsha's christmas gift money (the neighbors gave her some cash - have you ever heard of such a thing?? wow! thanks neighbors and Marsha!). We also dropped Corbin off at home, where his new baby sister was waiting for him! She is adorable. Ariana and Becky make such great parents - if there are to be babies born into the world, then people like them should be the ones birthing and raising 'em.

Today I feel despondent. Could be

the amount of blood I lost this month;
the amount of sugar consumed yesterday;
the lack of a good night's sleep;
the movie Babel, which was good, but we should have listened to Jacque and gone to see Stomp The Floor or whatever, because I feel WAY more sober after Babel than I did The Fountain;
the aftermath/reflective 'oh my god it's a miracle' of seeing a brand-new person, complete and everything, who used to be inside of another person and being amphibious;
the need for more exercise (which I tried rectifying this morning with a little jog walk jog, and I am going out again momentarily because I'm done sitting on my duff)

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