Saturday, January 13, 2007

cast off

This is the size of the blade.

That totally freaked me out.

And the nurse all calm.

So there are a couple of things I want to blog about, that doctors and nurses don't seem to talk about.

one: it is totally normal to feel not only whacky but really depressed, weepy, anxious and generally strung out when you come off of anesthesia (the surgery last year taught me that). Even if you call the nurse or the doctor wailing and gnashing your teeth and they act surprised that you would be experiencing such things.

two: it is totally normal to feel all of the above after you get your cast off and not only is your range of motion severely limited, as in practically nil, but you hurt like a mofo. It is called post traumatic stress syndrome and no one gives it much mention let alone credence when you are in a doctor's office.

I didn't expect to feel this way. It's not like I expected to be doing handsprings, even though the doc said to go ahead and resume normal activity. But I did think I'd at least be able to move my wrist more than a fraction of a degree in any direction. Well okay, I can - but not much more than a fraction. Doing more than that makes me sweat and scream. Is THIS normal? I'll find out on monday, when I see the physical therapist.

Ya just get to feeling so vulnerable, ya know?? Being the biological beings that we are, and barely out of the bog, I guess it's natural to feel a wee bit anxious about being impaired. Because you never know, tyrannosaurus rex might come trotting along any moment and want a nice snack. And there you are, not able to maneuver like you normally would.


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