Wednesday, January 03, 2007

back in the saddle...somewhat

Well I recovered enough to draw something else. Swear to god. Something has definitely invaded my system. Since when is it an effort just to hold my head up? I actually went out of the apartment this evening - across the street to the mailbox in time for the postal carrier to pick up at 5. I know it's only been since saturday afternoon since I've been down with the crud, but I thought this morning that I was nearly better, and it feels like eons since I lived my former life of gallavanting.

I mixed up a hot cupful of tonic: a bit of miso paste (stinky farts be damned, fermented soy/salt is what I am craving, and certainly I'm not going to be hanging out with anyone anytime soon anyway), some tamari, and a dollop of curry paste. Which includes garlic, pepper (natch), lemongrass, galengal (what the hell is that?) and assorted other wholesome things that will burn this bug outta me. I hope. I am feeling less stupefied.

I just looked up galengal. It is a spice/root similar to ginger. Ahhh yes! That's the ticket! I'm on the road back to health, I can feel it!!

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