Tuesday, January 23, 2007

break it down

These little people look familiar, don't they? I decided to carve the twist and shouters from the film.

I think I am feeling pretty sober after seeing The Fountain earlier. Surrender, death, uncertainty, potential unlimitedness...it's all a little unsettling! I feel big and teensy weensy all at once.

Gonna turn in for the night. Bon soir!


V.K. said...

weird! I just read (alllll fifteen hundred of) Kat's comments under the E.T. comic and she mentions little people. I read that AFTER I posted this little people!

jinx you owe me a beer! (or some Kool-Aid, it'd probably be more readily available what with all the kidlet activity you got goin' on over there...)

bee said...

seems like you've had alot of synchronicity lately...*spooky*

Anne said...

Hey, I thought of your stop motion skillz lately, as I just discovered the time lapse feature on my video cam-- very cool. What editing software do you use? (Think I asked you this in another comment SOMEWHERE, but damned if I can find it!)

Anne said...

P.S. Check out this mongo blob of Silly Putty!


Anonymous said...

First off, if Blogger posts this multiple times I think it is because Blogger hates me and my Mac.

I'm getting really tired of typing in the same comments fiftyfivethousand times so this message is a variation of everything I thought I posted that even after I logged in with my Google account, put in the right password and typed in the stupid scrambled letters for the umteenth time. Grrr.

My spine is all tingly and coincidences abound.

So I owe thee a Kool-Aid or a beer. If I send a Kool-Aid will you try to drink it all sloppy like a kid so you get the fun Kool-Aid Mustache?

Loved the Silly-Putty pile. My how much fun that would be to be a grown up person with a big ole pile o' Silly Putty. Thanks to anne for sharing that link.

V.K. said...

I dunno what's up with the whole Blogger sitch! How frustrating - that's the kind of fiddling around I get sooooo frustrated with. Suckey!!

Kat I don't have to try to drink sloppily. You should see me eat/drink/slurp/spill soup.

That Silly Putty is...weird and sorta...obscene. Thanks Anne!! Editing software. Er. Um. Well I load all my pics into iMovie HD and then fiddle around with everything there (that's the kind of fiddling I likes!!). I'd love to learn Flash and then I guess you gotta get Dreamweaver to actually publish it on the web. I do have Flash 8 Professional but haven't tackled it yet.

I can feel the love in here. And love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like....

Anne said...

Silly Putty definitely alludes to obscenity with its very cohesive and viscous being. But okay, first and foremost: whose idea was it to make it FLESH-colored, anyway?

If you learn Flash, will you show me how? I need a flash animation in the film I'm making. Not hard, just a travel line on a map.