Monday, January 08, 2007

definitely on the mend

The crud is on the wane. I went for a walk along the river this afternoon, in the sunshine, it was warm out, and I returned after about an hour NOT exhausted. Wow. That was great! All I managed yesterday was that trip to Target with the gang and I was ruined by the time I got home. Gack!

Check this out - Ryan (Marsha's six year old son) made me a sculpey creature! Can you dig it??? Can you feel the love? No wonder I'm getting better almost overnight! Thanks Ryan, you rock!

I neglected to mention a very cool gift I received from my new pal Bee in New York - she sent me TWO Art-O-Mat goodies!! I am being showered with goodness. One box was handpainted by the artist, Matt Hand and inside is a rice paper scroll hand-painted with watercolor over his woodblock print. The other is a small handmade book with inspirational theme 'Threads'. Of course I want to submit some work! You need to make a minimum of 50. And wrap them and box them yourself too. And send them there. So, an investment. Which would be SO awesome. I'm posting some pics soon.

On other fronts, a weird Mr. Cake mail art for Haddock. I don't know. Really.

And a comic doodle, natch.

Yes, the lady downstairs persists in volumizing her TV. Honestly, it could be worse. Having not reached previous epic proportions, I'm okay with it. Mostly. Kind of. Spend most of my time in the kitchen where my art space is also set up, soooo...can't hear her if I'm in here. Usually. Not lately at least.

I'm listening to a bunch of tracks from Cowboy Bebop Movie and series. It's superb! I hope Shinichiro Watanabe makes another movie or series sometime soonish. I finally finished Samurai Champloo. Stretched it out as long as I possibly could. It was a great finale. Sniff. I'll miss 'em. The fansub who produced all the movies I downloaded did an EXCELLENT job, it's quite impressive. I'll be keeping those on my hard drive for a good long while.

Also in the mail today....a new Brain Cell from Ryosuke Cohen. I'd sent him a little something to add to a Cell in late October, and was just yesterday thinking I'd probably receive something from him soon. Well yah I did! My art is nowhere on it though. Oh my poor wounded ego. Ah well.

right then, over and out for tonight! Hopefully I will be inspired towards animation of some stripe in the not too distant future......


Tony LaRocca said...

That's awesome! Where can I get one. The only problem is I want a live one.

V.K. said...

I'll let Ryan know he's got an order in from Flushing, New York.

I may be able to animate it for you.

Anne said...

Which two Art-O-Mat goodies did you get? Did you check them against the list of artists on the site to see? I love this.

Etayne said...

I've seen the site about Art-o-matic before! What a great idea.
Look forward to seeing your goodies. What would you make if you participate?