Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, this morning I felt spry (relatively speaking of course) and did another one of those dogs:

For Fabrice Fosse's mail art call. This one is ATC-sized.

This, I actually carved out of an eraser a couple of nights ago - in keeping with this unibrow/uni-eye kind of thing I've got going on right now. I mean in drawings, not real life. But hey, you never know what might happen. The moonwalk reference is to Jessy Kendall who lives in Lewiston, Maine and sends me her zines and stuff. Apparently she's been practicing lately. Well go on then, get down with your bad-ass self!

This is me this morning.......and then after I got to work, I heard all these people out in the room (the magazine and newspaper room, that is) coughing and sneezing. And coughing. And sneezing.

And actually this started up yesterday morning. Oh joy! So I guess it's all draining out then?!

I felt very much gnarly and puny and downright sorry when I got home from work. After I stopped moving around and drank some toasted barley and curry paste tea, I am feeling much more better. I just may go and watch an Audrey Hepburn flick (How To Steal A Million, in case you are curious). On zee couch.

God I'm spoiled.

I'm so glad I have a warm safe dry comfortable apartment in which to be sick! With plenty of tissues and tea and drawing implements!

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Anne said...

Heard you even had to skip your weekly brunch with J-- how sad! Well, I hope you're on the upswing by now and getting more restful (sans nightmares) sleep.

(Word verification, most fitting for the subject matter of plagues: xyych.)