Sunday, January 21, 2007

twist and shout

Well, I've progressed considerably with the aid of physical therapy, and I'm experiencing a much greater range of motion inside of one short week - how heartening! WHEW. You can kinda see how my left isn't as agile as my right:


I was gonna go do brunch with the girls and the kids, but Marsha's sick (again :-( ) so I'm steering clear. I thought I'd make a little video and send it to them since I couldn't be there in person. I was going to go right back into it with the panels of drawings I started last night, but...I got a little sidetracked:

I gotta get off my butt right now, though, and go for a walk. I'll post more drawings later!


Anne said...

That was fun-- you mad genius, you.

V.K. said...

hee hee, I forgot to say hey back and thanks! Wow I wonder what'll work it on out next??