Thursday, January 04, 2007


...that's 'light at the end of the tunnel' to you and I-- according to an online dictionary -- or, more accurately, 'spark of hope'-- from the mouth of a native german speaker, Stefan Bucher, who you may recall draws a monster-a-day. What?! You haven't visited yet? Are you off your nut?

More cake for Haddock!

And a small victory for me!

Well, it may be a teensey bit hyperbolic, but honestly, I really am gaining strength every day. YESSSSS!

Feeling better this afternoon....still staying home from work though. Sigh...I thought I'd be able to go in, but nay. Probably tomorrow. I'm getting chair-sores from sitting so damn much. It's rather excruciating, even though to do a very much lot of anything else is kind of exhausting. At least I know I'll regain the use of my arm, just like I know I'll eventualy be back to my bounce-around self.


Etayne said...

Yeti slippers! Those look like the match to my christmas stockings!
I hope you are improving some more. Sounds like you really got a bad bug.
But congratulations on picking up the paper clip!
Thinking of you!

V.K. said...

I see your christmas stockings now, oh yes they are super cute. Happy Birthday!!