Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i love it soooooo much

Hey all! It snowed here again...it's virtually unprecedented. I hear you're upwards of 70 degrees in New York. Global warming? nahhhh..it's all propaganda.

In between exercising my wrist to increase flexibility and strength and eating an incredibly scrumptious sunday brunch with Jacque and Marsha...I've been doing this:

(you may need to play through a couple times - I notice that when I transfer this into an .mpg file to upload, the track can skip around a bit)

Jacque really did make the AWESOMEST mushroom gravy to put over our hashbrowns. ACE, J!! And I spent considerable hours sunday night and yesterday learning about mouth shapes, drawing and cutting, trying out several things and learning more about how to animate. I had to scrap a bunch of stuff yesterday.

Today I was trying to think of another way to use a white non-stick surface - and my eyes lit upon...the stove! So that's the background, instead of a proper whiteboard. The whiteboard moves around since it's not mounted on a wall, and yesterday I'd put it near the sliding glass window for some natural light and I FROZE MY ASS OFF kneeling on the ground there, switching out mouth shapes.

Today, much more successful. I watched a bunch of South Park episodes, and studied Futurama last night too. And LAUGHED MY ASS OFF.

Time for tea. It's already getting dark - I've been holed up inside all day. Perfect snow day weather activity!


Anonymous said...

oh my god that's soooo great!!!!!
Jacque and Marsha

V.K. said...

ahhhhh!! hey girls! wow, do you have an RSS Feed hooked into your mobiles? I posted and then WHAM there's your comment. Thanks for the great sunday and bruncheroo!