Saturday, January 13, 2007


oh good lord, try this one:


It's from a site called ROXIK|PICTAPS. You draw a character, and it's loaded into a program that animates it. I've got this crazy mouse, it's all over the map, very hard to control tonight for some reason. I gave up trying to do anything very detailed.

Some people. They're just brilliant. Who thought of this, and how did s/he write the code??? WOW.

Okay I just checked around the site...the guy is from Japan, lives there still....and there is another fun toy you can play with too. SUGOI!!! (excellent! terrific! stupendous!)


Tony LaRocca said...

Some people are good at writing codes that make the rest of us look like we're playing with legos!

Anonymous said...

Nice Guyman. I made my attemps with my finger mouse on this laptop, mostly used circles and squares instead of freehanding a lot-my freehanding with this mouse is terrible. Thanks a lot for turning me on to yet another thing to suck the brain cells out of my head ;)

V.K. said...

Yeah...legos...well, they're fun too. And they don't require an internet connection ...

Kat I want to see your fingermouse person :-) Got a link??

Tonje said...

Hey, that was good fun. Thanks for the link, V.

Etayne said...

That was hilarious!
Thanks for the linky. I love the internet.