Thursday, October 25, 2007

fang ya very much

Vampire Clowns from Underground!

That's what I'll be for Halloween. You can shove that 'Library Gnome' suggestion crap. Damn pointy red hats and tunics. I look terrible in tunics.

Actually, I really do want to wear a big pointy red hat. And there really are plans for people to dress up as library gnomes.

How about VAMPIRE GNOMES! I must go draw one NOW!

There is a full moon out there. And a fearsome nor'western wind that chills to the marrow. Thank god for best friends who give you yeti slippers.

I always wanted fangs, too. But I want them to extend and retract. I suppose there would be a steep learning curve - learning how not to pierce my own tongue or perforate my own lip with 'em.

To the drawing board!


later that night..........(edit)

It's too damn cute. And by that, I mean it needs more eeeeeeevil. Quickie. Looks like Bashful or one of Santa's elves.

.......yeah, needs more evil vibes for to be a true Vampire Garden Gnome.

I'll work on it.

still later that night........

I worked on it:

My mom used to say, "She's so cute!" and even as a kid I felt really weird about it. Ick ick ick.


ellipsisigh said...

Hiya V,

I gotta tell ya, when I scrolled down from the cute vampire garden gnome to the un-cute version I honestly laughed out loud.

Thanks for cheering up my Sunday.

V.K. said...

heheheheeee! thanks for visiting! I just sent you an email!

I know, the gnome just had to snap. Too much of a good thing, roight!