Sunday, October 07, 2007

one fine day

We went from ninety-degree sunny skies to

practically overnight. But today, it's been sunny and warm again! Off with the sweaters and yeti slippers! I was spraying out the latest stencil in my shorts and sports on the upper deck today, it was so not-cold!
That's whut I come up with, yup. Being offline, I'm way way behind in posting over here, but if you care to visit the

Flickr gallery then you'll see what-all I've done over the last spell.

Today = gorgeosity. A leisurely get-up, scrumptious breakfast of homemade everythings (veggies, toast, pesto), trip to the garden and uncover all the babies, hi hi hi, lookin' good, lookin' good. Pick some figs, mmmmm dessert. Do some art, mmmmmmmmore dessert.

I rode out to where I picked figs from a grand ol' dame fig tree last year, several miles away.

The whole place has been completely remodeled.

As in, flattened. The house, the wide lane and driveway with lots of frilly filberts, the garden, the whole lot, gone. GAPE. They're putting in subdivisions. There goes the almost-last-bit of charm and quaintitude that Garden Way Drive possessed. More is the pity.

So I did an about-face, and went to Down to Earth and since the broccoli starts were looking so sad, they gave me a six-pack for free! I'll skip the ONE MORE TIME disappointing encounter at Paul's Bicycle (I am writing Paul a letter) to say that my afternoon at Mathews Garden was heavenly. Then I rode home like the devil to eat more mmmmmm food. And I toured the garden here, and many more very sweet plums had fallen to the ground, and the kale bed is overflowing so I picked a bouquet, and there are still peppers, and everyone out there looks so happy. Oh yes, and I stopped at the walnut trees while I was out earlier, and loaded up a bagful.

I am so set.

And now, I think I shall go lie myself down in the horizontal so that I can digest all of this blackberry cobbler that I just made (which was still pretty delish even after it burned).

oh alright one more

And did I mention that

Hourly Comic Day is published? G'wan, gander!

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