Wednesday, October 24, 2007

in a winky winker

Home is where you hang your respirator, don'tcha know.

This is not me today. This was me yesterday and I did not post because

a) it was growing late and
b) my freakin (love you love you love you) computer was freakin out on me and I gave up trying to do anything, shut it down, and went to zzzzzzzzzz.

Today there was so little drama at work I felt a little bit bereft.

But I'll take it.

I bet the real reason my jaw pops all the damn time now (the other side as well) is because I grind my teeth. Oh say it isn't so. I mean sometimes I can't really open my jaw too good. I have to open it sideways. You think maybe I oughtta get that looked at?

What are they gonna do, crack it, break it, and re-set it? I mean, really.

I feel so bad-ass with that respirator. Did I mention that already? Yeah, I feel a little bit of a bad-ass.

I made massive food tonight. I mean really. Does anyone want a gallon of lentil-pumpkin and everything else from the garden stew? How about a mess of stir-fried greens? The leaves from the cauliflower we harvested were SO DAMN BIG,

I cut them up and ate them.

Don't worry, it's safe. I consulted the internet. They're totally edible; but like most people and leaves of plants (like broccoli, which I adore with much adoring), they are woefully neglected.

They're really really good. I mean really.

Tonight I drew a monster from Stefan's Ink Blot at 344. I meant it to be a very quick doodly sort of exercise but then I fell into the Photoshop Black Holey-o, punctuated by fits of swearing because I thought the computer had gone udder up again (maybe it did, it's all blending together now), and the internet connection was sputtery. Oh the woes of modern living. What if my oxen were sick and I couldn't plow a row and we were to starve?! Now THAT would be something worth grinding my teeth over!

Here's the pic. I'm for bed.

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