Monday, October 08, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Hey! You with the catsuit! Come over here!

I made the most insanely good summer blackberry cobbler last night. Uh, I toldya last night but it bears repeating. It all started on saturday, when I attended a potluck with some workmates. Ilana finally made the plunge and made apple crisp, "Why did I wait so long??" and we all were very happy that she didn't wait a moment longer. So I found some blackberries I'd picked and froze and I'm still groaning with great good gratidudinals. I think the top button on my shorts is permanently undone. I ate third helpings at midnight. And gave some to Dexter next door. But still I've eaten my lion's share and I hope to gather apples to make apple raspberry crisp with tomorrow (I think that's the last of the razzes).

Yes, I am still wearing shorts. I will not succumb to autumn all the way quite yet. Plus, paired with yeti slippers, and a little space heater, I'm quite toasty indeed.

Today I visited the compost pile. WOW check it out!

I must retire to horizontalia. Now, go now, Victoria! NO more YouTube, Flickr, no! Go!

I mean it.

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