Monday, October 29, 2007

and then

This morning, a very happy girl was I. Sun shining in through windows nonstop. Another bonus day, and on my weekend too! Sa-weeeeeeeeeeet. So I drew.

Och. Me brain and me eyes and me drawing hand were not in too much communication one with another. You can see I have squashed my face from top into bottom and from side into side. I look like a pumpkin head who has eaten too many crumpets.

Oh well!

So then I drew this guy, and tried for a very long time to draw arms and finally I says to fuck it all and drew another dude without any arms and solved that problem. I solved the other problem, that of the noggin, by drawing my own version of a creature-ish head. So there ya go.

And then off I rode to Marsha and Jacque's for some fun things I will post pictures of tomorrow hopefully if I finish (a fun art project), and Jacque made a scrumptious dinner of fried rice and asparagus with vegetables. Treats for afterwards num num num. It was chocolate and I think that is why I am still awake and typing at full speed.

I must come down soon. So I can sleep. Maybe I'll get a contact high from what smells like a total bong-fest next door. Came upstairs and my whole area smells like skunk. Did they party down next door, or what? Jeeeeeeeeeez.

Must log off before computer freezes.

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