Sunday, October 14, 2007

a stencil (or two) a day....

....keeps insanity at bay. Fo' sho'.

This morning, the sun visited us and it was warm. So I stripped and sprayed!

spinal tap?

I brought home a big plastic centipede I bought at Goodwill or some thrift store ages ago - silly me, I'd thought to decorate my corner of the cubicle at work when I started working upstairs. No. No, that did not go over too well. My cubicle mates do not appreciate 'scary things'. So, two years later, the cubicle is being cleaned out and I find this big 'scary thing'. The legs made a great pattern for the background of this morning's stencil.

Picked up more more paint at Bi-Mart (do not confuse it with Straight-Mart, which is not nearly as much fun). Trying a different brand, since it's on Smooth spray! Then, on the bike for a longish ride over to Springfield and my old stomping grounds. Wanted to check on that apple tree. Nothin'! So I rode further in, along the river, and another apple tree I'd never even seen produce a single fruit was dropping them like......fruit!

So I made cobbler this evening. Natch.

Oh, is it good?



I did another stencil, since it's gonna start raining again very very soon, like tomorrow, and it probably won't stop until next July. Ha. ha. ha. Plus, it was still clear skies and pretty darn warm. Bonus day!!!!!!!

Chris Farley meets Martin Short

And I sprayed out some stickers. I'm more disturbed when I see a legion of them like this:


Kind of looks like Chris Farley, Martin Short, and David Lynch all rolled into one gibbering, maniacal, fun-loving character.

Also, ate my delicious dinner made almost entirely of garden vegetables out on the deck. The plexiglass door window is going in tonight - apparently it leaks into my living room (below deck) during the winter rains unless this extra door is slapped up in front of the regular door that goes out to the deck upstairs here. So, if in the event of a non-rainy day between now and when the door comes off again for summer, I will be crawling out the window and on to my deck to spary. Or, spray, as the kids these days say.

Sure, no problem!

I mean it!

And, if it's not severely cold, and mildly sunny, I can just open the door and it'll be a window that doesn't open. I love it.

Oh yeah, and the electricity is back up and running. John flipped a switch and said a magic word and all is well.

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