Monday, October 29, 2007


I just ate the most phenomenal apple-pear-cobbler ever. Hot out of the oven. Good lord.

'Twas a strange day, it was. Woke up pretty late since I was out until all hours. Still smelled like the skunkiest in here. I tried airing the place out. I was a bit worried that my clothes would begin to smell. Tonight I talked with the landlady and she said they have nothing. No smokey-smokey. Neither did their guests.

What do you call an olfactory hallucination?? I mean what the HELL?!

There's a pot-smoking poltergeist living in the walls then.

So last night Jacque showed me how to make these really cool little dudes. You cover them with scraps of cloth. Hers really kick ass. I'm still learning, but it's very fun and I followed her idea/suggestion of making a mask and using the yarn for dreadlocks. Heigh ho!! I finished up this morning:

I also updated my browser and my OS and soooooooooooo far, no more crashes or freezes. Huh. Sure, okay, I'll go with that. I put off doing the updates for months and MONTHS and months because in the past, something always goes haywire when I do updates. I figured, couldn't be any worse really. So far, it's better.

I really love The Books/Lemon of Pink. Thanks Clark, for burning me this CD giving me your backup copy!

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