Wednesday, October 10, 2007

happy happy joy joy

My new(ish) friend Mara in Hawai'i wrote me some great news - she got a job and it involves her art!!! wwwwooooo wwwooooo! This is for you Mara, way to go!

It rained alll the way home and on the way home I pulled over and filled a pannier with walnuts - yesh indeed it's that time of year again. Those four trees on Lawrence and 5th gave out lots of nuts this year. Whoever planted those on the street, I remove my hat and bow to you. That is something smart - plant a tree, and one that will feed us! No one else picks them, far as I can tell.

Well it stopped raining when I rolled into the driveway - and it stayed stopped through the evening, so I was able to go out on the deck and spray out a stencil I drew last night. I played with the background - they're hops leaves. I plucked 'em right from the vine that crawled all the way up here and twined itself around the bannisters.

Kinda cool how the shape of the dude's hair and the leaves echo each other, eh? I wonder if my subconscious was doing backflips over that one. Cuz I sure had no idea what was gonna happen.

And I'm eating some more kick-ass fruit cobbler. Ohhhh my god oh my god oh my god.

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