Saturday, October 13, 2007

read a book, dammit

In celebration of Banned Books Week (held over by popular demand).

Grubb reads Humanure - yes, an honest-to-god real title by the author as written.


Dropped this off for Free Art Friday yesterday at Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe. Stealthy, baby, it's all about stealth.

Actually you can do most naughty/impractical/illegal/unsavory/surrpetitious acts in broad view or daylight if you act (or believe) that what you are doing is no big deal. And nobody notices.

God it's gorgeous here today. Sunny galoresville. I'm going out in it, to ride along the river. My commute is the best.

Last night, dinner with the girls (and boys). Here's a quick shot of 8 month old Maris in her Jump-Up-Johnny. Or Jane.

That girl is almost always in motion. Maybe I'll post the videos later. She is so amazingly beautiful. And I'm not just sayin' that. She was always thusly even when first born.


Tonje said...

Ohhh... Maris is a real cutie!! It's quite amazing how much energy they have that age. Susie is coming up 8 months now... I found her in the stairs today... only one step up, but none the less... can't leave her for a minute anymore...

V.K. said...

yeah, they really scoot around!

It's pretty amazing - and how strong they are, too.

Can you believe Susie is 8 months old already?! aiieee!