Tuesday, October 30, 2007

whaddya gonna do

This morning I:

And then waved to the fellas on the roof next door. They were tearin' it up. Making quick work of it, too. Sun came out, I uncovered the babies so they wouldn't poach underneath that plastic, said hi to all the people in the garden. Scooted out the window, opened the door, set myself up on the deck and sprayed out some stencils. Oldies but goodies. Beefing up my stock.

(did I mention that there is a plexiglass sheet in front of the deck door now? for the winter, so the rain doesn't leak down into the living room, yeah)

Nice bike ride, post office, saw this on the way home, hee hee link it on over to flickr. Good thing whoever did this wasn't in the area when that police car came cruising around the corner!

de virginized


Made some yummy greens for din-din, downloaded more software for my computer since it's still barfing and freezing even though it was a good girl alllllllll day long. Turned it back on tonight and she choked. Heimlich! Heimlich!

I found some Vasque Gore-tex low hiker boots today. I saw them three days ago by the bike path. They're beat up and stuff, but nobody claimed them -- not even a homeless person, which surprised me. Saw 'em while riding back home, stuffed them in my pannier. They are exactly my size. Coooooool! WAY sturdy eyelets, holy mackerel, they just don't make 'em like that anymore. New pair of garden and kickaround shoes, sweet.

Then I did this. To help myself learn to be a better volumizer, texturer, and overall good drawler :)

Hey, I'm no Franzetta but I care naught.

**late-breaking news**

After downloading all those updates, I went to my favorite cartoon/illustration blog, Drawn!, and couldn't view any videos. Same at YouTube. Oh so what else is new, right? Off to the forums I go, seeking sagacity and thank god there are geeks out there who are generous with their experience and wisdom. I tried a few things, downloaded Perian ('the swiss army knife for Quicktime') and BINGO!

I'm back in the groove again.

And I didn't even lose my cool.

Also.......the phantom poltergeist has left the building. The reason my room smelled like skunk was because the gloves I use when I spray were off-gassing. Not shittin' ya. Came upstairs this afternoon and there it was again. And for some reason, I looked at my gloves, lying on the table. And shore nuff. Out onto the deck they went.

go to bed already, Victoria.


Rrramone said...

You are my hero. Dumpsteriffic!

V.K. said...

you are the wind beneath my wings, doodleriffic!