Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Proof of sunshine

Hello!! The burning question of the day is:

Can I blog fast enough to beat the inevitable MacFreeze?!

Three times this afternoon/and evening, my computer has been up to its old shenanigans. The ol' one-two-I'm gonna goddamn it there it goes again. Hopefully I'll be back in a minute.

I must press on.

Another god blessed glorious day here in Eugene. It was so warm I was sweating, and I needed to close the shade I was blinded by the light. I love light coming through these shades though. It's so....Hemingway or something.

So yes! I sprayed! And I bought a respirator:

Okay! I'm back after another MacFreeze.

Had to blow air into the sweaty glove earlier today, to unstick it from my hand. Things went udderly downhill from there, as you can see above.....

Tonight I drew this and sprayed it out. Ekeing every last ounce of unrainy weather yes indeedy.

And tomorrow, I go back to work! For the first time ever I've spent entirely way too much time (WEEKEND TIME) grinding on bullshit at work, and I wonder what fresh hell will greet me there upon my arrival THIS week.

There is a book I think I need to re-read called......the one hundred agreements. No no really it's only about seven. But basically, in order for you to feel a certain way, you gotta agree to feel that way. Sure okay if someone pisses on my parade I'm bound to feel pissed on. But there is some merit to the premise of this book. I might be some kinda hardwired as a human to feel certain ways, and I'm no Dalai Lama, but I must agree with the whole agreement thing.

I pretty much bungled that one. I will read the book and report back with a less muddy report.

God what a gorgeous day today though.

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