Thursday, October 04, 2007

all in a day's

Wekk wekk wekk.

(that's like well well well with finger dyslexia)

Ain't it a pisser when your computer is in the shop at all, never mind over a week? Wekk, it's not as big of a pisser as if your garden was plundered by nutrea. Thank god THAT didn't happen, then I'd be thoroughly upset (as in, through-and-through). Bitterly, unambiguously upset. But all is well on that and those fronts.

Just thought I'd post the last little drawing I did before the big lobotomy (actually, the computer wouldn't act up while it was in the shop but we all agree that the hard drive is headed for doomsville).

Actually I was feeling quite humbled by how dependent we as humans are on certain conditions and things to feed us, that continue to give and give and what the hell do WE give? Did I already go on about this here? Well I'm still going on about it.

But I'm not as sad as all that. More pensive.

And humble. Yes. Definitely.

I must go and back up my hard drive, now.


mcglinch said...

welcome back! have a beer and chill. it's all good.

V.K. said...

*smacks lips* ahhhhh....thankya!! Mighty appreciated :)