Friday, October 26, 2007

wrap it up

I love to paint Mara.

Let's see........I thought maybe my computer woes had been fixed since I uninstalled the google toolbar, but the clickety clacking started up again tonight. Last night I noticed that certain of my special doohickeys on this browser were missing and thought oh no bigD they're gonna magically re-appear when I restart in the morning. Nope. And, almost all of my bookmarks have magically disappeared! All except the ones I care least about. And boy let me tell you, I bookmarked a ton o' good stuff.

Well, whatcha gonna do? At least my oxen aren't sick!!

The moon is so phenomenal especially this time of year. HUGE and yellow. Harvest moon, gorgeous. Awooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today on lunch I went to the third floor to draw but this guy was snoring really loudly. So as a civilian, not an employee, I went up to his chair, kicked it a few times, said, "Excuse me!" in a loud whisper until he woke up and I said, "You are snoring very loudly." He wiped the drool from his mouth and said, "Sorry......sorry." No problem.

That was kind of fun. I wasn't pissed off or anything. But I could tell that the people around him were annoyed. I mean, he was really snoring. Loud. Really.

And then I drew some stickers:

Yes, it's been a bit of the windy here.

Yay I work alone tomorrow. No negative nattering from a certain co-worker. In my present mood, I would just say, "Hey you are nattering very loudly." I am feeling very matter-of-fact and not inclined to dramatize.

Too too much.

Hey! My art is in South Africa (Johannesburg to be precise)! Sent Lazynachos some slaps and she put mine in a collab:

Here's the original upload on Lazynacho's photostream, you can see all the props there.

My ass is falling asleep from sitting in this chair for so long. Time to go read a book and zzzzzzzzz's.

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