Monday, December 25, 2006

very verily

Well well well! How are you celebrating (or not) today? I've been celebrating for years!! Lately though, this is how it looks. Went over to make and eat a scrumptious dinner yesterday with the gang and gave them these.

This one's for Jacque, to look like a sunlike thing for Solstice:

there are more pics this-a-way.

This one's for Marsha!

More next door here.

This lil' fella is for Megan, Marsha's daughter who just turned 10. He is blowing his nose!

another full frontal

And this one for Ryan, who is six and is into dragons right now:

aaand of course the 360 degree view.

I am kicking back in my new slippers, which are of a very soft and long-haired pelt. I can't stop rubbing myself on them (which looks very funny if I am wearing them). Thanks Jacque!!

And coiffed 'round the neck in my new super-long and also very soft scarf that Marsha made...for me....did I mention it's mine?

And did I mention it is very soft? And smells good, too.

The black cast, is very swank, is it not? I should be going to the opera with that....

I need to move my buttocks, I have been surfing the internet ALL DAY! I'll tell you later what I've been up to there. In the meantime, hope you're all eating sweet morsels and dancing swizzle-hipped to Dean Martin! Or maybe Don Ho.




manekineko said...

Have you ever thought about selling these sculpeys?

I bet they'd go faster than you could make them.

V.K. said...

aww shucks!!! yer too kind. My friend Jacque said I should but...well....maybe I will try! thanks!

Anne said...

Manekineko's right. They really are excellent, and just the right size to be highly collectible in an all-ages way. You should have a booth at the Saturday Market! Hell, you could make mobiles of the things, too. Hard to resist, they are.

(Word verification this time: gdgkhbxr)
I love it!

V.K. said...

Wowzers! thanks Anne....Marsha and I were talking -- she gave me that scarf ya know, and I said she could sell those, and she said, 'Scarves and Sculpey Booth!!'.

Things to think on.

Maybe I could try that online store, Etsy...

lzjbnu for me!

Anne said...

Yeah, looks like you liked that scarf so much you fogged up your glasses! Now that's love.

Is Sculpey expensive?