Friday, December 01, 2006

still kickin'


Wow I feel SO much better. Despite the doo-doo haircut.

No need for surgery as of yesterday...will go visit Dr. Tavacholian again next week for more xrays and if bones are shifting in unpleasant ways then maybe reconsidering surgery will be necessary. My wrist is uber tired and sore today. Got a nice sleek sexy goes-with-everything black up-to-the-elbow glove (cast) to replace the splint and sling


Here are some pics from thursday's doctor visit:

oh my god...what IS it?? (really it's more about showcasing a good hair moment)

And here you see me plying sympathy from the camera lens:

And these are just plain poofy, bruised, and euw...although I think in person it was MUCH more dramatic.

But I still managed to do ONE cake card (only took me four days!)

Okay time to floss. Yeag try doing that one-handed!!

It works splendidly when your friend Marsha lends you her handy flossing tool. It looks like a miniature slingshot.

And I would like to publicly say thank you a gagillion times to Jacque, my best friend, who is a true pal for staying in the germ-ridden-and-laden Urgent Care facility for hours upon hours on monday. And missing work too. I lurvey her lotches and lotches.


frogstar said...

oh, lovey.
that looks so very ouchsome, i'm sending your bruised bones kisses to heal faster.

frogstar said...

(please insert "help them" between to and heal)

Tonje said...

Oh, Victoria, I'm soooo sorry to hear about your accident. That must be awful.... it must be so hard to cope with only one hand on your own... at least if it happened to me, I'd have my dear hubby to pester...

I really like your cake drawing... so funny.... looks sore though....

Hope you heal quickly, and I'm glad you don't need surgery. Sending you a bunch of healing thoughts!!!

Take care

christine said...

Glad to hear you don't need surgery for now, and I hope it will stay that way!

Not that it has anything to do with anything, but you should be getting a package soon. (That is if the odd-things dimension doesn't get it, too... you know, the dimension that occasionally steals one sock from the dryer? Apparently it likes things I want to send people through the mail. Colin hasn't gotten a single postcard I've sent either!) Package was sent out on Thursday. I hope you can open it one-handed. Know anyone who has a bunny? Like this one:

Tonje said...

Lol... that bunny was funny.... we used to have a lovebird like that...

ellipsisigh said...

ohhh..ouchy ouch ouch. heal fast...feel better.