Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hey mambo

So everything's just a-ok, you see here my sexy new black cast, gloved to the elbow as I described:

I can now use the digits on my left hand to type, miracles never do cease...couldn't imagine picking up even a paperclip in my left hand last week. Still hurts pretty much constantly, but SO much less than last week, it's totally bearable. Yes, the itching has begun, especially when I go out for a walk or fast walk or even a very very slow jog. Sweat ya know.

And the cast is stinky now too. Pew.

I go in tomorrow for another set of xrays with the surgeon; hopefully the bones aren't shifting around in ways that will require surgery to put them back in their rightful places.

Yesterday I actually made a pie from scratch (sweet potato), did the laundry, walked round the neighborhood...did bunches of dishes too. Then I slept for ten hours last night.

I also drew this yesterday. I altered a few little things, like making the dog smile, but I drew it looking at a graphic novel by the inimitable Roger Langridge. Now I'm reading his 'Fred the Clown'. And it is hilarious, and of course, the illustrations are par excellence. Sooooo....don't really think I'll make a print of it, but the practice drawing is good.

Otherwise...not much arting at all. Sigh...oh well unless you count the day-long project on monday, to make Marsha a happy birthday journal! I sewed signatures together, cut and glued the covers and everything. I am pretty proud of that little feat. No I did not take any pictures. But I made it with lots of paper inside, and actually made the journal binding spine thingy wide enough to accomodate it!

Okay. Tired. Need to go lie down or make like a hen and lay down, and watch some Veronica Mars. Gotta cram in all five or is it six discs of season two in two weeks...that is how long the checkout period is. So toodles.


Tony LaRocca said...

Ooh baby, love that cast...

The only bone I've ever broken is my pinky, playing nerf volleyball. However, I've herniated 3 discs since then, AND managed to burn the back off of my right leg with nitric acid back in my early twenties, so I guess I've made up for it.

Happy birthday, Marsha! Hope John got you something good!

V.K. said...

You look purty good for an old burned up fart, Tony!