Tuesday, December 19, 2006

is it a full moon??

This is the second time this week I've been rushed by a dog barking. Not a 'happy to see you! wanna play?!" bark. More like, "Intruder! Dinner! I'm gonna rip your limbs and face off!" On sunday, Josie and I were walking along the river bike/ped path and the pit bull was ranging a good 20 yards out from its person/owner. I turned us around and suddenly the dog was RIGHT ON US. I put myself between him and Josie and yelled NO!!!!! and then to the guy twenty yards back, "Call off your dog!!!" I added a few epithets as well. Tonight, I was coming off the butte from a walk around the neighborhood and a dog gave a warning bark...unleashed out in an unfenced yard. The owner was right there, made no move to stop the dog or call to him, and the german-shepherd-sized-dog ran across the street full tilt at me, growling and barking. This is the third time this has happened, but this was the worst. I was fucking scared but I held my ground and played alpha, yelling, SCREAMING NO!!! The guy finally called Dominic back, and Dominic listened, and the guy patted and soothed the damn dog while I said, "Really uncool man, really fucking scary too."


"Are you telling me to relax??" (he had said it rather softly, and facing Killer)

"Yeah, relax!"

"Hey man I don't know your dog. How about an apology?"

"Yeah, sorry for making you scream like a crazy person." (like that is a bad thing?)

"Whatever, man."

I've called the police more in the last month than in my whole ten thousand previous lives combined. People are so________________(fill in the blank with lots of colorful language). I found my pepper spray. Guess I'll need to carry that with me again.

That stuff is powerful - I pointed it at the drain, with running water, and the effluent still made me sneeze and my lungs start to constrict. Wanted to make sure it still works. God I hope I never have to use it.

And I watched OPB/Charlie Rose last night. Yeah, the "thinking people's" talk show/host (snicker). Well guess who was on? That's right, I knew you knew, 'cause you watched it too! Angelina Jolie.

I swear, I could watch her for hours. Well maybe I'd get bored, but she is truly beautiful. How DOES that happen?? She's aging really well. I've never seen a bad picture of her, not even in all the rags I process at work. Amazing.

Let's hope for something candy and kooky on the telly tonight. I need a little levity.


Anonymous said...

It annoys me no end that people will just let their dogs run around unleashed, AND that they (well most of them, anyway) don't seem to understand that their precious pet can be scary to other people. I am cat owned, and my cat is a darling, but I respect that there are people scared of cats.

That said, I must say that I really liked your drawing - great work! :)


Very Worried Veronica said...

Fuck, V! What the hell is with your luck these days? I feel like putting an invisible force field around you. Actually....consider it done my friend.

P.S. I am secretly petrified of dogs and I dream about them all the time, which is funny because we have a big ole' black Mastiff, who is laying at my feet as we speak.

V.K. said...

Thanks girls (carra is a new one, how'd you come across my blog? thanks for saying hi!)...yeah no shit, about the streak of bad luck, huh. And I haven't even gone into the stuff at work, which I worried about on and off all damn weekend. Sigh....

Tony LaRocca said...

Maybe he just thought your cast was a big doggie treat?

Anne said...

Hey, I would have reacted similarly, I'm sure. As a letter carrier (or as a friend once called me, a "fe-mailman"), I am required to carry a non-lethal-but-painful to-the-eyes pepper-type spray, "just in case." I hope I never have to use it, but if I'm bitten on the job and I did NOT use it, I will be investigated and risk "discipline." (Does that sound like a spanking? Hm.) I have stories, of course, but what I really wish I could do when a dog harrasses me is spray the OWNER in the face. Likewise all of those nasty poop-unpicker-uppers! I swear, if I ever catch anybody who refuses to pick up after their dog in my yard, I'm going to fling the poop at them. How's that for a rant? :)

V.K. said...

YES! I love your rant! thank you!