Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Movable Feast

oh my giddygod's blooming underpants! (thanks to Louise Rennison and her Georgia O'Keefe novels for young adults for giving me the lexicon to put that exclamation together) I got this fantastic package from Karen the other day. She's my pal, whut lives in South Carolina, and she works at a Bakery. I met her on Nervousness when I joined up for a couple ATC swaps she hosted.

So here's some back story. Last week I was lamenting the fact that I did not eat one morsel of fruitcake this year. You know how I love fruitcake. There was none around, not even any! Then of course you know about the friction between me and my downstairs neighbor. Well UPS delivered a mystery package while I was away, but they left it with Eva. Eva left a note on her door that she needed to see me for a minute, and the UPS tag said that the driver would try delivering it downstairs. Well not even a mystery package could incite me to riot with Eva. I just didn't pick it up.

Until yesterday. Eva actually came upstairs!! She was quite pleasant, actually. Said that she had a package holding for me, and she didn't mean to cause me any grief, and is doing the best she can with her volume. It's kind of funny to me, how we can be at each other's throats, and then quite civil. Well so I told her it'd be okay if she just left the package on her front doorstep. We're all under covered walkways and porches here.

Well Karen sent me an oodleful of bakery goodies! And specially made art! WOW.


So I made a little video. I've been working feverishly on it for hours, into the wee ones last night and again this morning. There is a contest over at iLaugh. It's only for first-run videos though -- meaning I could not upload it to YouTube or even my blog. Anyway. Here you go and thank you so much Karen!

Also viewable at my new StopMo Blog, Pinch One Off.

Or, at YouTube, if for some reason you cannot view it here.


cairnlae said...

oh my gawd!That is freakin hilarious!!!!I can't wait to show this to the people at the Bakery...the owner and his wife will fall down laughing!!!You have a GREAT talent for stop motion...Wallace and Gromit would be proud....

V.K. said...

hee hoo! happy holydaze, girl! glad you like, was really fun to do.

Tony LaRocca said...

The map is NEVER the territory! The menu is not the meal! Reminds me of Myst's 3d game, Uru. There's an annoying part where a tunnel is blocked off by cones. Um, in real life I'd just walk AROUND them... Happy new year, my friend!

Anne said...

Hey, I wrote you a quickie limerick about this flick over on your "Pinch One Off" site

It's just one of those things I have to do now & then, like flexing a muscle. As you can see, it's atrophied a bit!