Thursday, December 21, 2006

bit o' this, bit 'o that

You're gonna love this one: ya know the downstairs lady, who is most likely deaf in the head, who's been blasting the telly? The one who can't afford to buy a hearing aid? Yeah well she can afford satellite TV all of a sudden!!! I came home last night and there were two more dishes on the roof, that makes four, all pointed in the same direction, looking like genuflecting monks worshipping the digital god. Amazing. Truly amazing. I really hope that she is happy as a clam at high tide (and that she continues to keep the volume down). She can view tv until she's even more comatose, what with all those channels. She probably really is in seventh heaven.

Tonight after walking home from the bus's a good 25 minute brisky...just like last night, about two minutes after I arrive, the rain starts coming down pretty good. Wow. That is cool. I packed rain gear with me, but still - good timing! After getting settled in, I realized I was craving salt. Wanted something warm but not heavy. So I rummaged in my larder, found these two containers and OPENED THEM MYSELF!!!, mixed the contents (plus some salt and pepper, natch), and enjoyed the BEST (large) bowl of tomato soup EVER. It's gonna be grilled cheese with that real soon.

There is a really cute mobile home for sale that I feel all warm and fuzzy about. I've been haunting craigslist in hopes of finding the perfect apartment in a quiet neighborhood...this place is in a nice geriatric trailer park. And I do mean nice. Like...shady lanes....borrowing cups of sugar from your in the common rec room...gah! What's gotten into me?! But it would be all MINE MINE MINE, all 968 square wood-floored-feet of it! In the last year or so, I've been dreaming of mobile homes. I've lived in a couple. They get a bad rap. The trashy ones do.

Anyway. I need to get my butt to bed soon. Last night's episode of Golden Girls involved a mix-up with Rose's teddy bear Fernando. I really want to draw Rose's face when she snagged that teddy bear back from the girlscout who was holding him hostage. Wonder if I could find a picture online? Hang on. Oh well wait. All I have to do is load the DVD into my computer, play it with VLC instead of the default, freeze frame, and use the snapshot feature!


oh, the wonders of modern technology. Okay for reals: bon soire!

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