Sunday, December 17, 2006

over herd

This is a little doodle I just did, for a small zine I'm putting together with the help of several other mail-artist friends. The theme is 'overheard'.

Good news on the pain front: my wrist actually stopped aching every single second! Now it's about every third or fourth. No but really, it's so much better. Most difficult things to accomplish:

cutting chard - answer: brace the bunch with left forearm, cast being protected by long sleeve or dishtowl or piece of plastic, and cut as usual with right hand

clipping fingernails - the answer until my left digits and tendons regain strength enough to hold and squeeze the clippers is to grasp the clippers between my front teeth, brace with my tongue (so they don't slip backwards, being of very slippery metal and shoot into the back of my throat), and do it in the mirror so I can see what I'm doing because really, try putting your hand up to your face that close to's impossible, unless you wanna guarantee drawing blood. Drool all over and down clippers and into bathroom sink basin.

Driving is still out of the question, thank god I'm right on the bus line and City of Eugene (my employers) give us all year-long bus passes. Talk about handy.

It's actually pretty amazing how resourceful one becomes when hampered. However, I really haven't noticed that my other senses have sharpened because of the loss or severe limitation of a limb.

And might I say again, I am SOOOO so sosososososoooooooooooooooo glad I have insurance. I'd be completely screwed if the apartment insurance didn't pick up the tab. The jury is still out on that one but I'm keeping all the fingers I can cross, crossed, that they'll cough up monies to cover what my insurance doesn't. I so do not relish the idea of going to court.

Eva hasn't been completely blasting me out of house and home, but....she's pushing it. Meanwhile, the neighbors visitor penned me in very nicely last night.


Even though I can't really drive, it didn't stop me from putting notes on their car to the effect of: park here again and it gets towed.

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