Wednesday, December 20, 2006

it IS a full moon!!!!!!!!!

Okay I'm sure someone somewhere must've done this joke, if not Conan himself. So but yah I'm not knowingly ripping someone's idea off.

I think I shall skip the late-nighting tonight. Firstly, my whole sleep schedule will be totally screwed up if I keep up with the owl-hours. I do have to wake up early on friday for my 9 o'clock shift, after all. And secondly, I brought home Golden Girls! So I have a series to go mindless on before going to sleep. ( I was hunting for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, so I could make a backup copy for my permanent collection but alas, the two circulating copies are out and I will need to wait for my dose of Ed, Spike and the rest)

(and Eva has been pretty good about not blasting me out lately...miracles DO happen)

It'll look good photocopied, I figure. I'm gonna make a little zine of my doodles.

Major accomplishment of the day: I opened a can! I didn't have the A)strength and B)lack of pain to be able to endure pressure, to open a can with a traditional can opener Ooh, I feel so self-sufficient!

A close runner-up: no dogs, animals, flying saucers or memes raced at me growling today!

Crap!! It's already creeping up on late-night! I gotta hurry and go to sleep!

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