Wednesday, December 13, 2006

laughing my arse off

Well, it was the worst and best weekend ever. Monday totally bit the big one because I felt so vengeful and in a raging rage and hell I was tired. That lady has lost her crackers and I did too. The manager is on my side now though, which is a switch and a surprise. BUT, Eva muted her TV all day yesterday and today, so I am a very happy camper.

Then, I watched TransForce over at and laughed my lower back-end off. So I wrote them a letter to thank them for the awesome shows (of which there are not a few...check out Black and White too), telling them of my aforementioned loss of ass due to laughing. One of those blokes wrote me back:

"In anticipation of a very detrimental lawsuit I would like to offer you our most sincere condolences for the loss of your ass. However, we here at claim no responsibility for said ass-loss as is clearly stated in the fine print of section 114a of the iLaugh bill of rights.

With that out of the way, I will point you in the direction of the likely culprits. It is of no coincidence that you were watching Transforce at the time of the posterior disappearance. These trannies are notorious for stealing anything that even moderately resembles the warm confines of the male butt-cave. With a little luck, the Transforce crew will realize that they have inadvertently abducted the buttocks of a (shudder) female and will hastily return it to you with angry disgust.

Good luck to you ma'am.

iLaugh webmaster,

Mon Izumbo"

I LOVE IT! So I made them (and me, and you, that's all of us) a short little animation. Here you go:

***I dunno what's up with YouTube, it's been a half-a-freakin'-hour and the video is still being 'processed'...if it's not up by the time I meet and greet the day tomorrow, I'll try again. All apologies.**


Vichy V said...

Hey sweetpea! How are you doing? Sending you good wishes from Canaduh. Have you checked out this blog? I thought of you right away when I came across it. Did I tell you that Billy and I rented Firefly? Yes we loved it, good one V! You should just tell me what to watch, read and listen to from now on.

Verna said...

Here's the link.

Anne said...

you're really good at this

V.K. said...

Vinny, thanks for the hey-hey and I'm glad you're diggin' on Firefly! That blog is pretty stiff, I like it.

Hoy, Anne! glad you like the clip, bzzzzz.