Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kali or Bust

Soooo...yeah. Made this for my friend Jacque, whose birthday was thursday, and she hit the big four-five. Woooo!! Happy birthday! We threw a surprise partay, even though she'd pretty well sussed it out by the time we all yelled SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!

There are more pics on this page and also a couple of video clips right here.

***WARNING: even more potty humor and images ahead****

Jacque also requested that this

be followed by a squat, and then we agreed that a sort of happy dance after unloading would definitely finish it off good and proper. So, I did a couple more carvings, and the stamps do now grace the inside of her birthday card (which I forgot to take a picture of before the gifting, but will post later if I remember to snap one tomorrow when I see her). The stamps are about nickel-sized:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go an execute another idea in Sculpey, for another friend.


frogstar said...

hehehe, muy fantastico!

V.K. said...

muchas granitas! :-)