Monday, December 18, 2006


Hey I just finally posted pictures of our Thanksgiving Eat-and-More-A-Thon next door on the other bloggy!!

And the premier of yet another blog where I am shelving all my stopmotion flicks:

Pinch One Off

Also, I highly recommend this game called Sprout Invaders. I've directed you to a jump-off point, click 'play for free' and do read through the page, it's not an advertisement, merely some conscious living endorsements. Then, on to the game! Let me know what yous think.

I jogged over to Fred Meyer earlier (yeah! I'm jogging! we'll see how long that lasts, knees being what they are...but for now, it's a grand feeling, even if my jog is probably equivalent to most folks very fast walks)...those impluse-item panels by the cash registers are so effective. Only, I'd already promised myself to buy new socks, the big fluffy moisture-wicking ones I luuuurve to wear in the winter. Buy Two Get One Free!! Yay oh yay oh yay! Now I won't have to wear one pair until they stand up by themselves, and then one more pair...I have a few more than three pair, now.

And, they were made in America. I'm such the responsible consumer!

Oh, here, I've almost forgot...I just finished an elephant who wants to be a boy, or is that the other way 'round? It's for Kendra:

Yes, she loves elephants. I gave her an ATC of an elephant only in pink and I named him Norman.

Okay I gotta go move my arse and go for a walk 'round the 'hood. Ciao!

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