Monday, December 25, 2006

if and when

So what was I up to this morning, that captivated me so? Why, I was gibbling through Stefan G. Bucher's amazing website!. He also draws a monster a day, films it, and you can watch it! Every day! It's very unique and very fun and lunchable. I feel kinda like a groupie, because I ended up cruising the 'net trying to find out anything about him, and I watched an interview, and a time-lapse of a mural he and some other folks did, and it just went on and on. It's not often that I like so much of what I see in one place. But Stefan Bucher has a hand in lots of different projects and styles, all his own. Spanky!

Then I drew this, after I went for a slow jog 'round the neighborhood. It'll end up in one of my mini zines.

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