Tuesday, December 19, 2006

clowns to the left of me........

For the Cake in us all! (I have been extremely remiss in posting all the Mr. Cake goodies that Haddock has sent my way...I aim to rectify that sooner rather than later, so check back)

And I went in to get a new cast, since the old one was old. And grunged out. And smelly. But, before the kind lass regloved me, I took these pics:

THE (puny) HAND OF DOOM! @@

The underside of the HAND OF DOOM! @@ (beauty, eh?)

That is some BITCHIN' bruising, since it looks like that three full weeks after The Fall!!! No wonder it hurt like hell. Can you imagine being in a car wreck, or a fire? My god!!!

I think it's time to go play with Sculpey now. I'm pretty much unthawed. It. Is. COLD. Outside. Today. I jogged back from the doctor's, over to Fred Meyer, and home, to keep my temp up but...brrzrrs.

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