Monday, December 25, 2006

a bit o' the christmas cheer

Earlier I opened my Junk Drawer to toss in some spent Duracells. It's a battery graveyard in there

Remember when I was beaming about my responsible consumerism? Well I looked at this pile of dead batteries and felt irredeemable

until I realized I really just need to ditch (recycle?) this bluetooth keyboard, nifty as it is, and buy one that hooks in with a USB. And the growing mass of wires atop my table be damned. Or ignored. I don't need to replace the batteries in the keyboard as often as I did the mouse, but still.....I'm contributing to the demise of our planet. We're on a crash course and there is no stopping us now. As soon as hominids entered the scene we were doomed.

No wonder millions of people pop Adivans like candy!!

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