Saturday, December 09, 2006

talkin' out my ass

Despite numerous conversations, shouting matches, polite inquiry, forebearance, taps on the ceiling (hers) (sometimes three or four times a day), my downstairs neighbor just can't get the hang of turning her !@#$@#(#$%()#$%()*E%U television volume down.

This little carving is about all I can manage before my wrist says NO MORE.

I'll probably sleep eleven hours tonight instead of my usual ten.

Thank god for earplugs.


Jacque said...

It's really true, I am a witness . . . the downstairs neighbor really is going deaf and is dedicated to watching as much TV as possible until the day she dies. I like the carving - not just for the talking out my ass idea but I like it for the idea of Victoria finally laying the big one on Eva.

Rrramone said...

Don't go on a violent spree, and show up on COPS. :-)