Thursday, November 02, 2006


Another Butoh, and another gel pen ATC. (measures 2.5" x 3.5" for the uninitiated)

Another Egon Schiele book arrived on the holds shelf for me yesterday. It's a beaut. That man inspires, what a way with lines he has. Drawing is such an interesting exercise. Tonight I remembered in words what infuses something with life, and it is (at least for me) feeling the way as much as it is seeing technically where everything needs to go to make it come together in a way that's correct. I want to draw like Egon, and for that, I need to keep practicing. I think it's needful, for reasons manifold, but I really think that in order to reconstruct the human figure (or any figure) you need to be able to break it down into the correct parts first and be real familiar with how everything works together........then your re-interpretation packs that much more punch, and you can really say what you want to say. I mean me, but - you know?

It's another one of those paradoxes - a sort of control married and mingled with a sense of abandon. Maybe they hand off the torch to one another in rapid succession. The more I live the more I think it's all about holding on and letting go, the in and out, oh....never mind, I'm getting all zen on my own ass and if I try to think about it too much more, I'll get constipated.



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Issi said...

Hi Viki :o)) wow its amazing, beautiful draw. Viki, whats your Journaly? It come back to you?
see you soon
Issi :o)))