Monday, November 27, 2006

Ginger Snacks

oo-er! and oog. not to mention yawn and but yay! Here's another little snack for y'all:

Again with the Sculpey from the score at work, and the wee man is from a coworker several years and a few jobs ago. A couple of them live on top of the fridge. This one took more'n three hours to put together - some of the best hours of me life. Gotta love noodling around, eh?? LIFE'S GOOD!!

**ps -- this looks SO much better if you view the file without the middleman (YouTube). So if you can handle it, and you wanna see better quality, I will email you the movie. It's 3.5MB**

**edit -- today I don't see any video. here's the link to YouTube:

ginger snacks


Tonje said...

Wow, that is soooo cool! I can see how you can enjoy spending hours when the end result is this good. Wow again!

V.K. said...