Tuesday, October 31, 2006

tick or teat

so what'll it be then??

Oy, I woke up late today. My body, I guess it needed the sleep because I didn't crack open me eyelids until 9:30. Almost unheard of!! And I think there are new next door neighbors to the south. Sigh.........they like to play their spanish music pret-ty loud. Dammit but I don't wanna trudge next door and ask them to turn it down. I'm the resident baddy around here because I insist on respectful noise levels. Ah well. I'll just see how it goes. Sure was nice to sleep all the way to the late morning hours........although now, it's already a quarter after ten and where did the day go?!

Well I decided to treat myself to the neighbor's fig tree again. I think me it's the last haul of the year. It froze up overnight last night, and probably the night before. I don't think that the figs stand much of a chance of maturing any further this year. I also helped myself to a few tomatoes. Well......okay, but my trick or treat bag (and my stomach) were wanting! And they haven't picked ANY and they're rotting on the vine! The house looked pretty dark and empty too. So it was kind of a sneaky raid, but not entirely.

Got a nice blister on my finger, from cracking walnuts for an hour straight yesterday. Talk about a haul and a half. Still there are mountains to be shelled! Can you imagine doing this without a nutcracker? Or doing it for hours on end, to feed a whole family or a village? Those walnuts are superb, though. I pass another walnut tree on the way home from bike riding, only this one is down by the river and it's one of those that drop black slime-filled pods instead of the clean green ones that I pick from. The last few times, there was a guy gathering and cleaning his glean. Now THAT would take a LONG time.

Josie is quite the tilt-a-whirl-girl. She's still as cute and spunky as ever, but the girl she does tilt. And when Jacque mimes her, I laugh even harder. And then I cry. And then I laugh. Oh lord. But, Josie does seem more even-keeled on her feet, steadier and surer of paw. Little darlin'.

Art night was another fun fest. Love those girls. I begin to really understand what all those chick-flicks are about. I've never enjoyed the company of so many women, and got along with so well, and been able to talk so openly and laugh so much. It's just great. I think we'll start doing figure studies one of these times; Charlie and I were talking about that. COOL.

So here is this week's latest print:

Size is about 4 1/2" x 6" or 11.5cm x 15cm.

Also in the same vein, with that nifty Pilot Gel pen and water wash, ATC-sized:

And there's another one, not a print, in this direction.


Also, my October swaps for Wrick.

And some more Cake from me to Haddock, and some from Haddock to me!

Wouldn't want that clicker-finger to atrophy now, would we??

Off to the drawing table with me I go.


Rrramone said...

Like the prints! And you're reminding me of the million pecans in my front yard. :-)

V.K. said...

oh fer crazy's sake! was going to bop over to your pad and once again ya beat me to the punch. good to see ya!

Tonje said...

Why would anyone let the tomatoes rot on the wine???? Beats me...

You've been busy once again.... Lots of great artwork.... I especially like that dictionary atc... the one with the multiplying.... whatever it was.... (sorry can't remember) oh, yeah... and that green one for Wrick. Lovely!!

V.K. said...

HI Tonje! Thanks for the hello and everythings. I don't understand all that food in gardens going to waste either - BAH.