Sunday, November 19, 2006


I'm up to my old wicked ways again.....staying up late in the interest of art. In this case, I've just made my first-ever stop-motion movie (short..clip...ditty thing). Halfway through, all the batteries in the place decided to go dead, so I cruised over to Target and bought more. Talk about convenience and luxury, you know?? God! I watched an excellent animated stop motion (well actually two) tonight on YouTube, and I got to's time for me to sit down with iDVD and learn how to do this thing. So here you go:


or go to YouTube and watch it there:


Now if I could only figure out how to un-pixelate it at YouTube. I saved a few different copies of this, at various qualities. This is the largest/best and it's still grainy....I wonder why? It's crystal clear on my desktop, hmmmm....what a load of fun evening this has been. I think I'm hooked. Just like I always knew I'd be.


***edited at 1 am - on a whim, I just visited the apple movie trailer site and on the front page is a movie called....Invisible. Didn't even know about it 'til this very last second. I'm so jacked in.


Tonje said...

Nice one, Victoria! The film....

frogstar said...

eek! creeeeeeeeepy!
i love it of course.

V.K. said...

yah BOO

thanks goyles :^)

Odilon said...

I can totally imagine that playing on PBS late at night between a Sonic Youth video and a modern dance performance by some guy named Fran├žois.

V.K. said...

good one, No Lid On...hey, your name is like an auroboros kind of...thing...hmmm....I feel another animation coming on.