Wednesday, November 15, 2006

and then there was rain

The rain held back, but only for about ten minutes. It was perfect timing, in that way.....and about 25 minutes into my ride the wind really picked up and the rain went slantwise.

Huff, puff.

I'm sure glad I wasn't touring on my bike, and that my destination was close-by, and I could go in and dry off and get warm and fed. And I'm glad of gore-tex, too. (no I've never toured and really I don't know that I would relish that, unless I could stay at bed and breakfasts...not so tough after all, eh?)

I'm mad about Stripgenerator. I've made two zines from the stuff I've done over there. Brings out the salty potty-mouthed sailor in me, as well as the mischievious little shit. Here's the cover and backside of issue 2, which I hand-illustrated. Inside are the comic strips.

Bear in mind, of course, that these are raw. Pasted up, not copied, and pictures, not scans. But - fun! Check out that site and let me know if you make a strip so's I can go gawk at it, mmmkay?

The backside illo is from my bike ride on monday. It was a total soaker. But I did see this guy riding in the opposite direction who looked happy enough, certainly not dismal, and his face was markedly frog-like. Yeah!

And who the hell is using their circular saw at this hour?? It's 11:30 in the post-mortem! If it's the next door neighbors, the ones who bake cakes and make their own seven-tiered cake stands, I can forgive. But only just. I mean come on! Ah well, the traffic going by is louder. People! Get on your bikes!!


Andraz said...


Saw this blog post via Google alert. As a member of a team responsible for Strigenerator, we would like to thank you for using it and being so "mad" about it! So are we!

Stripgenerator is going through a difficult phase right now since we are working on a new version. It should be ready in a week, but with software developing, it can prolong the whole journey for a few days!

So stay tuned! And thanks again!

Voila said...

I made you a little comic. I sent it to you, I don't know if it worked but it's also saved to the gallery.....heehee. I wasn't brave enough for words yet.

Victrola_B said...

Hey V?
I keep forgetting to ask you what kind of pens you use for your comics? I have some ZigZag's and some Faber Castell's but my lines don't seem very clean and also they dry out really fast those fancy pens.

V.K. said...

if Stripgenerator is undergoing an overhaul, I'd best be beating a straight path on over there and make some comics in case the site is down for reconstructive surgery!!

Andraz, you guys are GREAT - thanks!!

V, can't wait to see your strip 8)

and I use cheap pens although lately I've been thinking of investing in some more expensive ones, but...meh. I use sharpies, and uniball rollers, Pilot G2 pens, and ZIG Milleniums (those are nice for the permanent ink and a variety of line thick or thinness).

frogstar said...

heh, i'm hooked!