Thursday, November 23, 2006

gobble gobble

Here's the latest volley in the Cake Comic. You can see the first multi-panel sheet here and the next ones right here.

Oy! A very lot of fun we are!

And I woke up feeling like someone kicked me last night in my sleep. My ribs are all bruised-feeling. What is going on. It's not gonna stop me from going for a ride prior to dinner with friends. I'll need to move my bod and get the blood circulating, as well as rev up my appetite. I made a sweet potato pie for sharing (and this one here is for me):

Talk about goodness. Maple syrup, banana, and a whole orange (peel and all!) go into the mix here. It's surprisingly excellent. And everything turned out very well especially for the first pies of the season. I tend to eat this pie all winter long - it's great for breakfast with some walnuts and apple slices. It's a hearty pie, ain't nothing too Betty Crocker about it.

I need to go make a Turkey Cake.


Etayne said...

ohhhh that looks wonderful.
Hope you are feeling better.
Happy T-day!

frogstar said...

yummm, how about a recipe missy?
i was almost going to make pumpkin pie and cornbread in honour of you lot... but thursdays is my way-busy day.

Tonje said...

Yum yum.... that pie looks really tasty!!