Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Q: what happens when you combine good intentions, new shoes, unbrushed concrete and the element of surprise?

A: one-handed typing!


i slipped on stairs outside my apartment yesterday afternoon, broke my fall w/my left wrist and now it is broken in 3 places. just returning from a nice walkabout the neighborhood. not even a bike wreck. catscan tomorrow, follow-up w/specialist thurs for surgery recommendation or not...but odds are the wrist needs surgery.

well, fook.

wish i'd taken a picture before th splint went on. weirdo that i am. it was very definitely....memorably misshapen. no bones poking through, though. and hey yeah i'm not paralyzed and everything else feels surisingly hale!

well i'll keep y'all posted best i can....maybe i'll switc to video-only posts for awhile.....


Tony LaRocca said...


Don't do that to yourself!

Hmm... a picture would have been cool. sorry there was no bits of bone peaking out, though. That's gold.

Take care of yourself!

V.K. said...

tanks man.....film at 11.

frogstar said...

you are so chirpy, despite obvious crapology! go you.
*hugs.. careful not to bump the wrist*

Odilon said...

Ouch! That sucks.

V.K. said...

thanks everyone.

i am not chirpy no more no.