Tuesday, November 07, 2006

love it don't leave it

I'm listening to Karen Black's I Want a Lip. What a great voice. Song. Yeah yeah yeah....

Finally got our rains! I was drenched by the time I arrived home this afternoon. The power went out, so rather than sitting here in dimness, I went for a bike ride. Even my gore-tex was soaked through in places. Yerg. But, not really windy, and definitely not chilly, so really it's quite clement. It's the freezing rain that goes to the bone baby.

Love your inner gollum folks. I'm sending you a postcard to remind you.

And do try some magic cake. But don't let me unduly influence you.

***editing at 11***

okay all I see is that stupid half smile on gollumn's face now. What the hell was I doing with that?? Did gollum force me to make him look like that? Little fucker.

***editing at 11:02pm***

He made me spell his name like collumn, too. Go away and obsess about something shiny, why don't you??

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